Spirituality, mindfullness are both words we here a lot in society and the counselling field is no exception. Where I have found these two well used words to be useful is to find meaning in each. In spirituality, I am not referring to religion or politics. I am really talking about one’s connection to the world around them. How do you see your role in life? Are you just existing…or is there a purpose? I might be touching on one’s core values or beliefs, but I am also challenging one to put their ideologies into action. This is especially brought up at this time of year.

The other word, mindfullness is also a frequent buzz word of the day. In a counselling perspective I am talking about an awareness of what is happening and our own body is the containment. How aware are we of our breathing, that knot in our stomach or the tension in our hands? The fact that we can become conscious of what is happening in our body is a significant to finding the right coping skill. I like to use metaphors when we can. When I talk about coping skills I like to refer to the ‘tool kit’ we carry. Inside this tool kit can be any type of skill we can use to help up stay balanced. Inside our kit can be the breathing skills we learn, significant music, refuting our irrational beliefs etc.

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