A Solution Focused Therapy approached can be very helpful especially when one is attempting to find a focus in counselling. I have found it very helpful when supporting individuals or couples when they lack a direction on what they want to move towards when in therapy. Let’s face it counsellors are in the ‘change business’, I have yet had somebody come to me and say, ‘Shawn, I want everything to stay the same in my life…I just want to hang out’.

Let’s face when people come to see me they have either had an event or a series of events that have prompted them to seek help. They often come to sometimes uncertain about what they want to work on. When someone is especially lacking direction, I have found it helpful to interject Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg’s Miracle Question. That is asking them….”If you woke up tomorrow morning and a miracle happened, you know longer had (said problem) what would you notice…”

What I like about this perspective is it starts to ask very important questions for the client from very different perspectives. As they are noticing the many different aspects around answering the question, often their goals of therapy are rooted in their answer.

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