The more I work with clients, the more that I realize that I am often striving a balance between understanding one’s inner speech and their ability to be present. To be more specific; it is important to increase your cognitive awareness and your mindfulness skills.

This cognitive approach would suggest being aware of the messages that you are giving yourself. They are so many things in life that are beyond your control. One of the few things you can control, especially when you are experiencing a negative setback, includes; focusing on shifting your perception. For example I recently had a profound experience. I spoke to my uncle who was termally ill. He said he knew that when he was taken off the various life support machines that he would not have long. He then said that he could choose to be a grumpy,  miserable old man, or he could be thankful to all the support the hospital staff was giving him. He then concluded that life is full of challenges and setbacks, but it’s really about how you choose to view your situation.

Typically when one is too much in their head with stressful thoughts they are going to increase their anxiety. This excess anxiety is designed to help us fight or flight when danger is present.  Unfortunately all these stress inducing thoughts can preoccupy us enough to interfere with our sleep and our appetite. Once this occurs then we are off balance and unable to deal effectively with the various stressors we face. That is why it is important to create a little balance by getting back into our body.

The art of being present or mindful is an important shift. I encourage my clients to create their own “tool box” or “care kit”. To begin I encourage clients to gather a favourite container or shoebox. The begin filling it with helpful supportive things such as, adult colouring books, post it notes of helpful sayings, relaxing photos, reminders of helpful you tube clips such as exercises around progressive muscle relaxation and essential oils. The creation of this kit is a mindful act in itself because you have to stop thinking and actually gather and “do” something. I have also discovered the Mindshift app for your phone from Anxiety B.C. is also helpful.

If your stressors are increasing to a point where it is difficult to sleep feel free to contact me via email at or text or call me at 778-773-2465.