Family Counselling

Are you concerned about someone in your family who has anger, or addiction issues? Is this individual difficult to approach? Effective change in your family can start with your action! If you thought enough to search this topic, then you are in a great position to be part of your family’s solution.

Counselling families often starts with those who are the most concerned and are willing to make changes for themselves. Positive change can start with just one person who is willing to make it a priority.

I have had a lot experience supporting family systems. My approach is to build trusting relationships with each family member involved and invite them to support each other around the positive changes they need to see. Please feel free to contact me to see if you qualify for a free consultation at 778-773-2465.

I also have had a lot of experience specifically with Parent/Teen Mediation. Adolescence can be a turbulent time. Young children enter a ‘cocoon’ stage and physically evolve into these ‘adult’ like bodies but their brains have often not fully developed until they enter their mid-twenties. They want to be treated like adults but are often regretting what they have wished for when they appear like a ‘deer in the headlights’ trying to match responses with their parents. Also considering that parenting is a very emotional experience, you can see where sparks can easily fly when both sides are making comments that they may not mean; but will clearly regret making. I like to follow a very simple approach to these complex disagreements as a third party mediator. Please feel free to contact me about ways to begin de-escalate these regrettable situations so you can begin moving in a proactive direction with your son or daughter.