As we continue to discover new and helpful approaches to deal with such issues as depression, suicide, and complex disorders including Borderline Personality Disorder; it’s refreshing to find a behaviour therapy perspective such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy or (DBT).  This approach was developed by Marsha Linehan PhD. which synthesizes behavior concepts with mindfulness and acceptance.

Most DBT explanations include a 4 skill module which includes mindfulness, or one’s ability to be fully aware and present in their situation, and distress tolerance which encourages one to accept their pain through tolerance when faced with difficult situations. These first two skills are about the acceptance and the next two, emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness are about the behaviour change. The emotional regulation would suggest how to develop skills that create greater self care when distressed. The interpersonal effectiveness would teach an individual skills around learning how to ask for what you want and how to say ‘no’ when it is needed, while maintaining relationships with others.

These 4 modules are important in the counselling room because they allow the client to move between their body and their mind. Sometimes we are too stuck in our head (such as when we lie awake at night with ideas and worries racing around our head) or in our bodies when to focused on the present and not looking at the bigger picture. The DBT approach seems to pay attention to both important aspects.

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