Therapy For Couples

Are you tired of feeling torn about whether you should stay in a relationship or go? Is your mind preoccupied with needing to do something but not knowing where to start? Are you finding it hard to love someone when you feel so angry and frustrated at the sight of them?

Many statistics point to ‘one out of every two relationships ends in either separation or divorce.’ Unfortunately this permanent decision is extremely emotional, can be financially devastating and tear families apart. I follow a system designed to repair and enhance relationships. This system stops focusing on the problems and moves towards building better communication skills with each other.

I realize that everyday life such as focusing on the children or finances can get in the way of any good relationship. Instead of focus on marriage counselling or couples therapy; I like to say it is time to come together and make time to enhance your relationship.

I believe in build a trusting working relationship with each member in the relationship, so we can get away from taking sides and build on finding a better, more fulfilling life with each other. Click on my link to see more on my approach.