Over the past couple of years I have written on Bell Canada’s initiative to decrease the stigma of mental illness. What is encouraging to see is that each year they continue to expand the initiative. This year they have added along with Clara Hughes; Michael Landsberg, Mary Walsh and Howie Mandel to discuss their stories.

There is so much about mental health that is not known or understood, but there is also more that is being found around ways to support those having to face those concerns. It is most likely that if it is not yourself that deals with mental health you probably have had family members, friends or neighbours that have been touched in some way.

In my practice I support those on a regular basis who deal with depression, anxiety, panic attacks and bi-polar disorder. We have found ways to openly discuss in the counselling room the many hurdles but also success’ people have experienced in coping with their situation. This open discussion in a safe environment has been crucial in helping individuals develop proactive plans.

The Bell campaign also tries to encourage open discussion, and ways to decrease the ‘stigma’ that having a mental health issue is a weakness. Just an important reminder that this Wednesday January 28, 2015 is the Bell Let’s Talk Day where they donate 5 cents to mental health indicatives for;

  • Text message sent*
  • Mobile & long distance call made*
  • Tweet using #BellLetsTalk
  • Facebook image share


If you think you or a loved one is dealing with some of these concerns in the Surrey area, please free to contact me at Shawn McNabb Counselling, 778-773-2465 or text me especially on Wednesday and we can have a free conversation on the phone and discuss an action plan in regards to your concern.