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My Practice Update Summer of 2017!

Well, it has been awhile since I last wrote a post and I felt it was time to get back to writing. A lot has happened since I my last entry back in March, 2016. I am in my 5th […]

Crime Victim Service

Just a reminder that if you have been a victim of a crime and have a police file opened you may qualify for paid counselling sessions to help you adjust and build new coping skills. A great program that I’m […]

ICBC Counselling in Surrey

I find that the key to working with trauma, especially if you have been the victim of an automobile accident is to try and learn coping skills around grounding yourself. This is a reminder that if you have been a […]

ICBC Counselling in Surrey

I realize I shouldn’t be complaining about the weather, now that most of Canada is currently in a deep freeze, but it can sure be difficult to see especially when driving. Accidents can happen and often we are encouraged to […]

TIR Tools Can Effectively Address Trauma

I tend to use TIR techniques taken the Metapsychology umbrella when supporting individuals around trauma. TIR or Trauma Incident Reduction tools are specified to dealing with the specific traumatic incidents, themes, and individuals. These tools focus on where one’s emotional […]

I.C.B.C. Trauma Counselling

One of the great services our Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (I.C.B.C.) provides (and I am not just saying this because I am an approved counsellor), is access to trauma counselling. How it works is the victim of a car […]

Trauma Counselling: What to Look for as a Client

When you are entering a counselling relationship as a client it is important that you feel safe with your counsellor. What I mean by safe is that you feel a level of comfort with your counsellor so you can deal […]

Surrey Counselling: Trauma and Confidence Go Together

I have noticed over time some interesting correlations between trauma and self-esteem: they go work together. For example if someone comes into my office traumatized over a life experience they often are rattled and loaded with self doubt. In my […]

Surrey Counselling: Coping Skills: What Do You Have In Your Toolbox?

When I am working with individuals who experience anxiety, trauma and other stress I often encourage them to rely on themselves to cope. People come to counselling in search of support around managing their anxiety and stress but the real […]

Counselling for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

An approach I like to work with is taken from Meta Psychology’s TIR (Traumatic Incident Reduction). When trauma or extreme emotional charges are present I think it is important to invite the client to work on decreasing their charges. Whether […]

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