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Thoughts around Anxiety and Personal Safety

Well I am at a blog posting milestone. It took me parts of 4 years of writing but this post will my 200th on my website www.shawnmcnabbcounselling.com.  It has been quite a journey both professionally and personally to continue to shape my […]

Age of Consent and Female Bullying in Surrey

Over the 20 + years I have been mediating conflicts I have found my most difficult work has been when working with 13 and 14 year old girls. The level of their conflict has been deeply rooted due to many […]

Solution Focused Therapy in Surrey, B.C.

A Solution Focused Therapy approached can be very helpful especially when one is attempting to find a focus in counselling. I have found it very helpful when supporting individuals or couples when they lack a direction on what they want […]

Mindfulness in Surrey

You might hear mindfulness in terms as the new buzz word in the counselling field. There are many definitions out there and its origins date back to earliest Buddhist history. To be mindful is to really be aware of your […]

Dialectical Behavior Therapy: A Helpful Approach

As we continue to discover new and helpful approaches to deal with such issues as depression, suicide, and complex disorders including Borderline Personality Disorder; it’s refreshing to find a behaviour therapy perspective such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy or (DBT).  This […]

Parenting Adolescents in Surrey

It is often said that parenting is one of the few things that we become without needing a licence, and needing to completing training.  Our children certainly didn’t come with a manual. If a manual was every needed it would […]

Relationship Enhancement Opportunities in Surrey

So often I have been approached by couples wanting to change their partners. They so badly just want their ‘other half’ to just get it. That is try to see the issue their way. Typically when there are issues in […]

Grief and Loss…Something We All Go Through

I just attended a ‘celebration of life’ of a fellow parent today. It was a dilemma for my children whether they should attend the service or not. I tried to explain to them that just by showing up it could […]

B.C. Family Day! What if Celebrating is Difficult?

These past couple of years we had another long weekend added. It was placed between January and spring break, which many agree is a great time to take a break. Other provinces also celebrate in different ways. For example Manitoba […]

I Continue to Applaud the Bell “Let’s Talk” Campaign

Over the past couple of years I have written on Bell Canada’s initiative to decrease the stigma of mental illness. What is encouraging to see is that each year they continue to expand the initiative. This year they have added […]

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