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Parenting Adolescents in Surrey

It is often said that parenting is one of the few things that we become without needing a licence, and needing to completing training.  Our children certainly didn’t come with a manual. If a manual was every needed it would […]

Parenting in Surrey

I have gone through some difficult moments lately as a parent. These difficult moments have included being with your children when they have not been successful. One of the lessons they have been learning and I have been there to […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Just wanted to take a moment to stress the significance of parenthood, more specifically the importance that our mothers play in our lives. I first of all want to say Happy Mother’s Day to my mother, Mary-Lou! You have always […]

The Secret to Parenting

There has been a great cliché to describe the art of parenting. Educational courses are provided throughout our schooling. You can learn to add, read, about the past, scientific theories. We can take out manuals on how to cook, drive…but […]

The Failure to Launch Generation

I’ve often wondered how our children’s generation will fair in the future. I think I was part of the last generation that grew up with more opportunities to be independent. Being raised in the 1970s and 80s it was just […]

How to Build Self-Esteem for Your Child

Let’s face it as humans we are predisposed to being critical.  Look at the first 45 minutes of newscast or the first 8 pages of your favourite paper. The headlines are typically negative. I’ve been told that a large percentage […]

A Parenting Reminder

There many parent education programs and books out there to remind us and attempt to teach us to be the best parent we can be. One such book titled, “How to Behave So Your Children Will, Too!” by Sal Severe, […]

Parenting Always Brings Us Back to our Childhood

What I have found interesting is that many parents, including myself, our starting out as parents as we enter or are well in to our 30s. We have had 10 or 15 years to live as adults. Our thoughts are preoccupied […]

Parent/Teen Mediation in South Surrey

Much of my experience has been working with parents and their teenaged children. Most counselling theories will tell you that it is a part of natural development for adolescents to ‘challenge the process’ around authority. Most youth want to be […]

Parents; There Are Many Opportunities for Family Time

Depending on the school district your children are with there is going to be increased time with each other as March roles in. For example the Surrey School District has two work weeks plus a day (Easter). That’s quite a […]

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