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Relationship Enhancement Opportunities in Surrey

So often I have been approached by couples wanting to change their partners. They so badly just want their ‘other half’ to just get it. That is try to see the issue their way. Typically when there are issues in […]

Couple Counselling in Surrey

Just a reminder that if you are in need of some work on your relationship, couple work with a registered clinical counsellor could be a great place to start! Whether you are in a stable relationship and want to make […]

Anger Management in Couple Counselling

As I was working with a couple I remembered from a Gottman principle; when your heart is beating over 100 beats per minute you are too emotionally activated to reason with. When anger or emotion is activated and the heart […]

Couple Counselling in Surrey

How do we ‘get past’ the numerous disagreements that can happen in our relationship? Well it depends on a number of factors. One begins with which part of the argument do I have control over? It is pretty difficult to […]

Couples Counselling Reminder in Surrey

I know it’s the busy time of the year. You might be juggling a job or two. Trying to keep up with the housework…or not. Maybe you are trying to get enough sleep. This is one of the more difficult […]

Divorce and Counselling in Surrey

I understand that one of the more difficult challenges that you can face as an adult is to maintain a successful relationship with a significant other. Unfortunately many statistics show that only 50 % are successful…so that would mean the […]

Couples Counselling in Surrey

Hopefully everyone has had a great holiday, some valuable family time and you are recharged for a busy January. As I’ve written about many people making New Year’s Resolutions during this time of year; it is also a great time […]

Couples Counselling: It’s Okay To Have Disagreements!

In my time working with couples, being married for over twenty years and knowing many friends who have or are married, I have seen one constant trait: you are not always going to disagree. John Gottman, a couples theorist once […]

Couples and Conflict

I often work from John Gottman’s model using his 4 Horsemen tool. Just a reminder that when you are in conflict with your partner and they are digging their heels in and maybe shutting down communication (Gottman would call this […]

Couples Counselling in Surrey

The more I work with couples the more I realize that my most effective work really begins with individual work. I rarely see success by ‘jumping’ into sessions with both partners. In fact from an ethical stand point I need […]

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