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Dialectical Behavior Therapy: A Helpful Approach

As we continue to discover new and helpful approaches to deal with such issues as depression, suicide, and complex disorders including Borderline Personality Disorder; it’s refreshing to find a behaviour therapy perspective such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy or (DBT).  This […]

An Anger Management Idea

Ever had the stressors of the day mounting. You many find that your heart is beating faster and you are so frustrated that you cannot focus on tasks or conversations with others. One great technique is to focus on something […]

Couple Counselling in Surrey

How do we ‘get past’ the numerous disagreements that can happen in our relationship? Well it depends on a number of factors. One begins with which part of the argument do I have control over? It is pretty difficult to […]

Ok Surrey; It’s Time for New Year’s Resolutions!

Tis the season in-between Christmas and New Year’s where one starts to take stalk in their life, or at least assess how 2013 was to them and their hopes for 2014. I know that New Year’s resolutions can be a […]

How to Build Self-Esteem for Your Child

Let’s face it as humans we are predisposed to being critical.  Look at the first 45 minutes of newscast or the first 8 pages of your favourite paper. The headlines are typically negative. I’ve been told that a large percentage […]

A Stress Reduction Reminder

Many reading this post carry many identities. I mean we may be parents, partners, brothers, sisters, trades people, professionals, investors….you get the idea. We carry so many worries, so many thoughts, our brains are often working 24/7. A classic 1980s […]

A Parenting Reminder

There many parent education programs and books out there to remind us and attempt to teach us to be the best parent we can be. One such book titled, “How to Behave So Your Children Will, Too!” by Sal Severe, […]

Surrey Counselling: Developmenal Couples Therapy

One of my colleagues, Sue Diamond Potts wrote in our Insights in Clinical Counselling (Our journal for BCACC) that change within a couple, as within an individual is a gradual developmental process. An interesting concept she wrote about was a couple’s inability […]

A Narrative Approach

Many clients I see often come in with their story which is often sparked by a particular crisis.  I often feel very fortunate to hear someone’s story because it is often filled with joy but also a lot of pain […]

Surrey Counselling: Chess Makes Kids Smarter!

As school’s start up their activities for the year, I wanted to put out an endorsement, especially for parents of younger grade school aged children (6-12yr olds) join your chess club, if you have one. If you don’t have one, […]

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