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Parenting Adolescents in Surrey

It is often said that parenting is one of the few things that we become without needing a licence, and needing to completing training.  Our children certainly didn’t come with a manual. If a manual was every needed it would […]

Teen Counselling in Surrey

Adolescence can be an exciting time, but also a ‘trying’ time for parents. I have worked with thousands of teenagers and parents over the past 25 years and the best way to approach solutions to parent-teen conflict is to help […]

Adolescence and Cutting Behaviours Surrey

In the past I have worked with youth who have been involved in ‘cutting’ behaviours. Typically the cutting occurs on the arm, ankles and thighs. The arms, forearms and wrists have been the most common areas. Contrary to what some […]

Surrey Counselling: Adolescents Need a Chance to Express in Their Own Way

As adults we have been around for awhile and we begin to develop many theories of what works and what doesn’t work.  We have learned from success but we have discovered even more from our failures. When we look at […]

How Adolescents Socialize

At the risk of sounding like the older guard (which I’m becoming) I have noticed the many changes on the way our youth of today socialize. Through my counselling and parenting endeavours I see that teenagers interact in a more […]

Parenting Adolescents

I am finally at the stage of parenting my own adolescents, and I need to remember my own advice; pick your battles. What I mean is it is important to stay with the issues that are true to your values. […]

Parents, You Can Still Build Attachment with Your Teens

A reminder that behind all that technology there still lies those soft, innocent eyes you first spotted a decade and half ago. What I mean is take away the ipods, lap tops, unplugging those headphones there still are golden opportunities […]

Adolescents and Social Media

At the risk of sounding like my parents, the children of today are starting to miss something very important. Yes they are becoming more tech savy and have grown up faster then we may have. However they are evolving at […]

Adolescents Overcome Adversity

I know we here enough bad press about adolescents throughout media outlets. They can be self centered, and a little too focused on video gaming and social media. But today I got to see a great example of five fifteen […]

Okay Parents: It’s Time to Enhance Communication with Your Teenager

I have worked thousands of adolescents over the past two decades and one communication tool I have found to be effective is taken from Diane Gossen’s Restitution. She titled it “The Four Basic Psychological Needs”. It is divided into 4 […]

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