Recently I have worked on a couple of situations in which individuals were suffering from the effects of anxiety. A common thread that individuals have shared is that they often feel that they are about to have a heart attack.

Not all chest pain and shortness of breath incidents are anxiety based (you can certainly be anxious as a result of actually having a heart attack), but it is important to go to your doctor if you are experiencing shortness of breath, tightness and pain in your chest etc. Obviously the doctor will let you know if you actually dealing with the affects of heart disease or anxiety.

If it’s anxiety this is where counselling can assist. We are all programmed to be anxious. When it overtakes us with our sleeping and general health than it is important to address it by clarifying what your symptoms are and ways that you can develop new coping strategies.

One approach is through deep muscle relaxation. This is where you learn to stay in your body and focus on the various muscle groups. You learn how to tighten and relax each of these areas along with maintaining a deep breathing focus. You may take it further to a visualization exercise, where you take your mind to a happier more relaxing scene.

Approaches such as visualization and relaxation techniques take time and practice. Your local counsellor can help you on a path to bringing down your anxiety and hopefully getting rid of your alarming physiological symptoms.

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