January can be a difficult month.  I often call it the ‘in-between’ month. Just past winter break and still looking ahead to spring. In Surrey we see more rain and darkness than bright sunny skies.

We are also just ahead of two important awareness campaigns; Bell Canada’s ‘Let’s Talk’ and the NHL has started a campaign in February.

How do you know you are feeling depressed? You may notice that you are having difficulty sleeping. For example you may have difficulty falling asleep or find yourself waking up in the evening. This will leave you more fatigued than normal.

You might also find that you lack the motivation to , complete assignments, household chores, or even getting out of bed. Your body may ache…and you don’t know why.

If these symptoms almost seem debilitating where you ‘suddenly’ cannot get on with your day I would recommend you see your family doctor to come up with a plan. This plan may include medication, but will hopefully also include counselling so you can developing further coping strategies to increase your self care.

This will also help stabilize your depression and leave you less anxious.

If you would like to discuss this topic further in a private counselling session or a free consultation please contact Shawn McNabb, Surrey Counsellor today.