Anger Management Therapist

It is human nature to get angry about things. When we get upset it often means we care and we have a pulse. Most anger outbursts stem from feelings of pain. It’s our own personal pain that we need to understand, such as embarrassment, abandonment, shame. Once we can see and understand that these emotions exist, we can then understand what ‘triggers’ us.

The one thing we don’t always understand around this topic; is how to take care of ourselves. We need to give ourselves permission to take a break and cool down. It’s amazing the angrier we feel, the quicker our brain power goes down. That’s why is ability to recognize when we need to take a break from the situation that is triggering us is essential!

It is time to get the control you deserve back in your life. No more yelling with your partner, boss or children. My approach is about understanding your pain, helping you understand the signals your body and thoughts give you. Then you can rehearse or practice the right way of handling your anger.